Claim Services

Berkley North Pacific is committed to resolving claims promptly and fairly.

We meet this commitment by:

  • Prompt, courteous and substantive claim contact within 4 hours whenever possible
  • Conducting prompt and thorough investigations of claims

The Berkley North Pacific Claims Team is composed of highly-qualified claim professionals who consistently receive high levels of customer satisfaction ratings in post-claim surveys.

Click here to see the results of our latest survey done by Safelite Solutions, an independent company.

What sets the BNP Claims Team apart?

Experience – We have a broad range of expertise in many areas, including Auto, Property, General Liability, Product Liability, Construction Defect, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, and Personal Injury Protection.

Local Decision Making – We are one of the few major regional companies in the Northwest. This enables us to provide more efficient and prompt decision making on claim issues and matters.

Specialization - Construction Defect/Property/Litigation Claim Representatives - These professionals are trained to assist in the handling of claims that fall into unique and specialty areas.

Approved Vendor Program – Vendors used in specialty fields, such as auto and truck appraisals, property appraisals, investigative services, etc., go through an approval and evaluation process to help deliver quality customer service to our customers.

Legal Representation - When a claim results in a lawsuit, Berkley North Pacific Group provides comprehensive legal representation available through a network of approved independent trial lawyers. We also have three designated coverage counsel firms to cover our five states.

Property Catastrophe Response Team – When a catastrophe occurs, Berkley North Pacific Group will triage the situation immediately to determine an appropriate staff response. We have a team of highly-skilled property claims employees to respond to our customers' needs.

Property General Adjusters – We employ regional property general adjusters to cover appropriate regional high exposure property claims with on-site response capability when necessary.

Web-Based Salvage Internet Site – in coordination with our transportation unit, our salvage experts have the ability to immediately place detailed information and photos of recovered salvage on the web to maximize recovery efforts.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our Products and Services.

"We are proud to have been awarded '2013 Claims Carrier of the Year' by PayneWest Insurance, Inc. - a key agency partner of Berkley North Pacific." 


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