Our Mission

At Berkley North Pacific, we take pride in providing prompt and fair claims service. We recognize that the possibility of loss is the reason our policyholders buy insurance, and that the professionalism with which we handle losses is what keeps them with us.

Claims Reporting

If you have a claim to report, your first call should be to your independent agent. You may also contact Berkley North Pacific directly:


Fax: 866-299-5103

Toll Free: 800-480-2942
8:00am - 5:00pm Mountain Time

24-Hour Serious Claim Service

Berkley North Pacific provides 24-Hour Serious Claim Service, 7 days a week. To report a serious claim outside of regular business hours, or on a weekend, call 866-287-5019.

Glass Repair
and Replacement Claims

Berkley North Pacific may waive your deductible if your damaged glass can be safely repaired rather than replaced. To report a glass claim, contact your agent or call 877-924-5277.

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