Risk Management

Who We Are

Berkley North Pacific Risk Management Services is a group of consultants dedicated to working in partnership with you and your agent to develop solutions which will help control and reduce your cost of risk. How do we do that? Through good communication and teamwork, we build strong relationships, the kind of relationships that will last from year to year.

Our Staff

Our BNP Risk Management Services consultants have the knowledge and skill needed to get the job done; most have had at least 20 years' experience developing practical, real-world solutions to address the client's needs.

Our consultants are strategically located in: Bellevue, WA and Salt Lake City, UT. 

Our consultants have specific experience in the risk management aspects of a variety of industries, including construction, motor carrier, manufacturing, agribusiness and many, many more. We have the expertise needed to get the job done.

The Berkley North Pacific Consultative Risk Management Services Process

Great communication and teamwork differentiates us from the competition.

Our Risk Management surveys are not inspections. We don't use checklists. When we visit you for the first time, we start with a blank sheet of paper, sit around the table and listen to you describe your firm's operations, areas of concern and the things that keep you awake at night. As we note other areas of risk and the areas of concern, we review your methods of control. We then will walk through your facility or visit a job site where we can see management controls in action.

As a result of this process, we may recommend changes in policies, procedures or other management controls. We show you why the recommended changes will help minimize your risk of loss, help improve your long term results and, ultimately, may have a positive impact on your premiums. We discuss recommendations in real-world terms by relating them back to your own operations.

The one thing we will not do is tell you how to run your business. Instead, we show you ways to improve your operations and processes and, in turn, your bottom line. You will thank your agent for bringing Berkley North Pacific to the table!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our Products and Services.

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